Madison Cichewicz
Madison Cichewicz
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My-Mix DNA Kit Case Study

My-Mix is a DNA testing kit for your dog. While adopting dogs has become more popular in
recent years, we often do not know the full history of their lives. This kit is designed to create
a fun experience to let you get to know your dog a little better for a happy & healthy life ahead!


Instructor: Soonduk Krebs


The Challenge

My biggest challenge with this project was to try to make a product that consumers could trust medically,
as well as have a fun experience using. Making sure the kit was personalized was key to having the customer
feel it was made specifically for their dog. Lastly, a simple and easy to understand process that would allow
for a stress free experience.


Personalized Packaging

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My Approach


Clean illustration with bright bold colors allowed for the perfect combination of fun & clinical.
Adding light humor throughout the piece allowed for a friendly atmosphere. Simple instructions
were created to add to the stress free user experience.

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The Process

Researching other dog DNA companies was crucial to my project, and allowed me to find what
was already on the market and how I could improve it. Also learning more about why people should
take this test, and all the positives and negatives. Very few services went beyond the results and offered
additional products in response to the dog’s results. I took advantage of this opportunity to create
personalized food & vitamins that were based off your dogs specific results.

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Interactive Web Elements

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Bright & Fun Web Flow


I tried to keep the web flow simple and a stress
free experience for buyers. Bright colors were used
to keep the fun lively experience with clarity.Photos
of dogs were used to create a more relatable experience
as well as informative.