Madison Cichewicz
Madison Cichewicz
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Everyday Science!

Everyday Science! Case Study

Everyday Science is a fictional exhibition held at the Franklin Institute. This exhibition is meant to get kids excited about science, and show them ways we use it every single day. Everyday Science features interactive posters scattered throughout the entire museum that create a scavenger hunt for kids to find. Once they are found the kids can use their phones and with the Artivive app watch the posters come to life.


Instructor: Dermot Mac Cormac & Bryan Satalino

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The logo was meant to express the excitement of the exhibit. The changing exclamation points represent the items that are displayed throughout.


The Posters




Iconography was used to distinguish the primary science explained behind the item


Use of Augmented Reality

By downloading the app Artivive visitors can go around
to the bright posters and by holding their phone up to them
see them come to life.


The Challenge

This project aimed to reignite children’s interest in science. Often times interest in the science field dwindles
late elementary to early middle school. However, engaging and hands on opportunities have shown to be successful
in sparking students interest. This meant it was important to find a new way they could engage with scientific
knowledge of the classroom.


Interactive Posters

I aimed to use phones and technology in a positive way, that would make the topics fun. Each poster shows one type of science working behind each item.


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